by Patient Concierge

Too often, people cannot access the care they deem appropriate due to commercial insurers’ overly aggressive managed-care techniques. Confused and overwhelmed with treatment costs that insurance will not cover, many give up and suffer in silence. Our team of Patient Concierge Representatives will help you navigate these purposely built walls to health care coverage.

We hate surprise medical bills and our Patient Concierge staff bring transparency to the opaque business of medical insurance.

Our team of Patient Concierge representatives have several years of experience working with all major commericial insurance. Their goal is to assist our members to help you get the most use of your insurance. They will help make sense out of confusing topics including Out of Network Benefits, HSA accounts, and expanding our member’s ability to leverage their insurance to work with them in attaining the care they deserve.

Our team at 3Prong use cutting edge AI powered tools to help you leverage your various financial instrument to help aide in covering the costs of your treatment so that you no longer need to suffer in silence.